[Poetry] Adventure Mountain

I’ve found me a mountain
I’ll climb, never doubting
Break through the streams
Of doubt so many fall away
What shall we say?

Adventure is on the horizon
Let’s rise to the occasion
While others have fallen
We’ll be exalted
They’ll see the fire in my eyes
In yours, as well
Let us reach the summit
While the fallen lie there
Receive their comeuppance

via Daily Prompt: Measure


[Poetry] Letter to Foretell

via Daily Prompt: Timely

I hope this finds you well
Your fate I’d truly hate to sell
Still, I feel to you I must implore
To please be wary of your door.
Of these my dire actions
I find so little satisfaction
Let me come back/ to your smiling face
Still, to your doorway I will race
Open to none/ except to my voice
For the reason we must rejoice
He perhaps prowls/ just shortly away
I’d not let him see your light of day
Make this promise, we’ll be together today.

[Poetry] Greeting

via Daily Prompt: Pleased

Pleased to make your acquaintance
It has been dreary since
The old neighbors moved away
I say, old chum,
Is that some clubs in your trunk
I used to swing a few’
Back in my day

I’m doing okay
A few more aches and pains
They’ll go away someday
Still, I’m glad we could meet
Do you mind if I take a seat?

I’m sorry, my feet been killing me
Still, let’s bless the meat
And have a little time
To catch up after so long
Smaller things bring such joy!

Legends of Times (Working Title) pt. 3

pt. 1: https://mcblaydes.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/legends-of-times-working-title-pt-1/
pt. 2: https://mcblaydes.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/legends-of-times-working-title-pt-2/

Sorry that I’m a week behind on this part. I would like to say that it was because it was an April Fool’s joke that it didn’t happen last week, but that’s not the case. Hope everyone enjoys the next part of this story. Please share if you enjoy it. Also, please comment on anything that might make it better or even give thoughts.

As she ran, her legs began to burn with exhaustion, and her lungs could hardly hold the breath in them anymore. She soon keeled over, gasping for air as her lungs had hardly any left. Soon enough, she looked around and found herself in an unfamiliar area—It was filled with trees that almost seemed to have faces that were twisted as if they were people seeing their own deaths pass in front of them—How can that be? She had lived on the island her whole life, how could there be a single place she hadn’t discovered already.

Just then, a gale of wind passed by her, sending a chill down her spine. She shuddered and looked towards where the wind had passed through. There was a strange light emanating from that direction, and although she did not hear a voice, it felt like something was called her towards that direction. “Is anyone there?” she called out. No answer. Of course there wasn’t; it was most likely just her mind playing tricks on her. Even though that was the most likely case, she found herself call out again, “Is anyone there?” almost without even a single thought.

A voice answered this time, loud and clamoring. Sadie clasped her ears as hard as she could and screamed, or at least she thought she screamed. The voice was so loud that she could not even hear her own voice anymore. She would’ve sworn that she had fainted at that point as everything seemed to almost fade away even for just a moment.

Regardless though, the voice did eventually pass. Sadie then rose to her feet, her ears ringing, and continued moving toward the light, still feeling the call towards it but too afraid to make another noise in fear that the voice would speak again. When she entered the light, she gasped.

Standing there was a man, his figure small and dainty. His eyes shined like rubies, and his hair was the color of finer gold than any Sadie had seen in her entire life. He also had a slight tuft of hair that flowed down to his brow that took more of a reddish color. When she glanced past him, there standing was a sword that seemed to match the description of the sword in Grandpa’s story. She took a step forward, but the man stood to her and shook his head. He said something in a language unknown to her, but she felt like she got the idea. Apparently, she wasn’t supposed to come closer.

Instead, she sat down, crossing her legs, and met his gaze with hers. She honestly didn’t know what to do next, and it seemed like at the very least this guy knew where they were at. “By the way,” she started, “I really don’t know if you can understand me, but I really need to get back home. Do you know where I’m at, at least, so I can work my way home?”

The man didn’t say anything in response. After all, it was possible he couldn’t even understand her. Instead, he walked over to her and quietly rested his hand on her shoulder. Smoke began to rise from underneath the palm of his hand. Also, it glowed as if the spot was a metal that had just been heated by the furnace. Sadie gasped in shock, but not really in pain as it for some strange reason did not feel like it was burning, though it sure did look like it.

When he raised his hand, she found herself sitting in front of Grandpa’s house, the night surrounding her. Suddenly feeling exhausted, she trudged inside and fell straight into bed. Luckily, the next day was rest day so she could sleep in even if it was only for a little bit.

The morning came sooner than she would have expected. In fact, it felt almost immediately after she had fallen in bed. Even more so, the light wasn’t even coming from outside. What’s going on here? She jumped out of bed, her body spry and full of energy that hadn’t been there a few moments before. Turning her gaze towards the light, she saw a symbol of a bird glowing on her shoulder where the man had set his hand on it. “Did he actually burn me and leave a mark?” the words exploded out of her mouth.

She grasped it, and it felt like the palm of her hand began to burn. In pain, she tried to pull her hand away from her shoulder, but her hand would not let go almost as if it had bonded to her shoulder. In desperation, she continued to try to yank her hand free. She even gritted her teeth as the pain seared through her. Pulling as hard as she could, she eventually got her hand free from its prison. Still, it showed almost no sign of burning though the tingling pain still covered it. There was no burnt skin, maybe just a slightly redder spot; that was it!

Anyway, while the mark stayed, it definitely was no longer giving off any light, and since she had once again grown tired, she went back to bed. The questions she had would have to wait till the morning, but she fully intended to figure them out, some way or somehow. Before long though, her thoughts slowly faded away as she fell into a really deep sleep.

The next morning started just like any other morning. The sun peered into the window, waking Sadie from what seemed like a short night. When she got up, she checked her shoulder. The mark was still there. Welp, guess last night wasn’t a dream after all. She honestly wished it was all a dream, but it seemed like that wasn’t going to be the case.