[Poetry] A Captivating Siren

Love is a siren
Before her, men fall to their knees
Come to me/ come to me
She calls/ a dastardly attraction
She promises the world
But leaves not a fraction.
Fool! Why do you fall for her lies
You can see it in her eyes!
She cares not for you
Yet you fall for her song
For that you are wrong
Her song is a viper’s bite
Ready to strike.
The waves of your life
In her hands/ tumultuous
To think you’d survive
Would be quite presumptuous.
You know not her name
Yet she calls you the same
At the end of the day
What can we say?
In this sea called life
A siren ready to captivate
Her hunger will not sate.

This is me revisiting a metaphor poem I wrote back when I was in high school. I tried to change it up a bit while using a couple lines from the poem that I still enjoyed as well. It’s a poem based off Greek Mythology (mentioning the siren). Hope you enjoy it a lot and share if you wish.

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[Poetry] Unwanted Guest

Get away
Go away
Don’t come any day!
Little spider
Hanging on the wall
Why don’t you just fall?
I’m tired of seeing you
Don’t come near me again
I’ll knock your home off my walls,
If you never came at all
I’d never have to yell.
Leave me, leave me be
Can’t you tell
You’re not good for me
Free me, free me please
Of yourself, a dastardly disease,
I’d never have to cry
I’d never clamor
Just leave hither
Won’t you please
Just give me peace
And run away
With your babies please.
I’ll give you today
I can’t stand you further
Your presence I cannot weather
Tell me, tell me so
That you’ll leave me, my foe.
IF so, I’ll wish you well
I’ll see you off
Be someone else’s guest
And not be such a pest.

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[Poetry] Forgotten Days

A child was I
In those days, sweet
To those days, I’d retreat
Every day, I grew /
And they ended so soon.
Honey would touch my lips
And milk I would sip /
How glorious were those days!
A fire petal would find me /
Show me what to see
But now, water lilies lead me
To a dead sea.
Fill my world with light /
Make it turn alright
This pain, please relieve
So I can believe.

This is the second poem I promised. Hope you enjoy it.

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[Poetry] Path for Me

I’m going down the path
My fathers set for me,
One step at a time
Without a reason or rhyme.
What will I see
When I reach the end?
Perhaps there is none
On the path I’ve run,
How sad would that be
To come all this way
And have nothing to say?
My sons too go that way
I couldn’t forgive me.

Because I took a couple days off I’m hoping to actually post another poem up maybe in a couple hours or so. I hope you enjoy this one and the other that’ll be out soon. Please let me know what you think and share if you wish.

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[Poetry] Mother’s Lullaby

Hush, sleep, little baby
Close your eyes
May your dreams be filled
With adventures and thrills.
The moon gives you an embrace
The stars kiss your sweet face,
And when the night is done
Share your dreams with the sun.
I’ll be seeing you
On this day coming soon
But for now
I must say adieu,
You’ll find me in the next room
Someday, your dreams will bloom.
Don’t fear if terrors grab at your feet
This night you can complete.
So, good night, I’ll see you soon,
No need to be so blue
Wonderful dreams I wish for you,
Love you.

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