[Poetry] Homage to a Great Man

What is it I have to say?
A man, loving and kind
Another, such difficult to find.
His gray hairs and hunched back
Told his story well
Long life on the track
His eyes had gone bad
Thick glasses were his comrade
His hands, thick and callous
His house was people’s solace
His love never failed
Meeting you hand in hand
There’s little he couldn’t do!
He’d greet you with a smile
And an “after a while.”
You never met a man
Quite like him
In all the land.

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[Flash Fiction] Dragon’s Den

We finally found it! Who would have ever thought that that tomb would lead to such an incredible discovery? Licking my lips, every single part of the explorer that I am shouted out in an incredible excitement.

“Professor, where in the world is this?” my assistant asked, his jaw nearly hitting the ground.

“Why, Sam, it is the greatest discovery of a lifetime,” I assured him, reaching my hands out as if deep down I couldn’t believe it until I touched it with my own hands. “Dragons!” I exclaimed wistfully. The great beasts that only came up in legend before now. Only the two of us got to see this incredible sight. I took a step forward, waving Sam along. “Let’s go in closer!”

“Shouldn’t we wait for the others, Professor?”

“Oh, pish posh, they’ll catch back up with us soon enough, plus how can you not see this wonderful creatures and not want to explore further.” The lad clearly did not want to go, but he still slowly followed behind me.

When I came up to the nearest one I could find, it at least towered over me by twice my height. Its scales looked to be tightly fitted, and its eyes gave off a passionate sheen that would match the legends that it could breathe fire. “I wonder if they truly could breathe fire,” I mulled to myself.

“Professor, can we go now?” Sam asked, with a quivering lip. He was glancing from side to side, perhaps expecting that something might be hiding in the foliage around. By the way, isn’t it amazing to find plant life underground like this? “I really don’t think we’re supposed to be here.”

“Are you kidding me, Sam?” I threw my hand aside, signaling towards the dragon that stood a mere few yards away. “Have a little backbone. We’re perhaps the first to ever experience such a wonderful creature.” Just then, I felt something brush up to my hand. It was coarse yet squishy and wet but hot.

Frozen in place, I looked to Sam whose eyes had widened and his mouth open and somehow quivering, making a sound that I’d never heard another person make in my life. He took a few steps back, falling back onto the ground. He then scuttered away.

With nothing left besides me and my own curiosity, I turned to see the magnificent beast staring at me with its nose pushed up against my hand. Before I could think, the beast roared, blasting me with its oozy saliva. I honestly felt like I could drench my clothes and fill up over 20 barrels of the stuff, easily!

The dragon then righted itself. I gawked at its incredible size once more. I felt like I was looking at a skyscraper, it was so tall! Perhaps my sense of wonder and curiosity had overwhelmed my greater senses as I did not fear¬†the beast as much as my (let’s just say) more¬†fearful companion. It then titled its head aside as if curious of what manner of creature stood before it. Perhaps I was to it, as it was to me, a mysterious creature…

I may continue this if people want to read it, but I don’t really know of a fitting place to stop. It felt like this was going to be the easiest stopping point before I started writing a whole lot more so this’ll be where it ends for today. If you want to see more of this specifically, let me know, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

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[Poetry] Deep Dive Aspects

The waters pass
Along the raging rivers
Spirits fly overhead
Reflected / water’s mirror glass
Like balls of fire, spirits fly
In/ out of sight, they hide.
Clock’s ticking sound rings
Top of the hour
It will devour
Enter through the gate
It’s hunger will sate
Endless hallways await
Footsteps enter your ear
Wondering what will appear
Awaiting death
Staring darkness in the eye
Your very last breath.
Weight measures the water
It’s light as lead
When’d you eat your last bite of bread?
It comes from behind
I’d truly love to remind
A pendulum settled on the waves,
Time no meaning keeps
Yet its ticking stays
Fire stands there
Dark breaths down my neck
A horrible aspect
I’d love to greet
Yet it’ll end with my defeat

I really enjoy this type of writing subject as it allows me to go a little wild with symbolism and such. Basically, it’s describing a dream or trance state. I hope you enjoy it and share if you like.

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[Poetry] Scattered Clutter

Clutter/ on the ground
Tossed/ by every wind
I’m spinning/ every which way
I don’t know where to turn.
This mess I’m in
No way out
No turning back
I’m here and stuck…

Why do you jump at me?
What did I do to you
I’m sorry!
If I say it
Will it be better
No space for words
I can’t even say it…

I aim for what’s right
Yet it goes wrong
Can’t you see? I’m trying!
Why not even a glance
I try to tell you true
What’s wrong between me and you
Give me an answer/ a sign
Anything will do…

Spider webs surround us
The dust settles
I want us to say
We made it a very long way
But other thoughts
You seem to have
If this is how we’ll be
Be honest with me
If there’s nothing left
Just give me some rest

This is a longer poem that I just wrote for therapeutic reasons so it’s not so much about being the best written piece, but please let me know what you think and share if you like.

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