[Poetry] Scattered Clutter

Clutter/ on the ground
Tossed/ by every wind
I’m spinning/ every which way
I don’t know where to turn.
This mess I’m in
No way out
No turning back
I’m here and stuck…

Why do you jump at me?
What did I do to you
I’m sorry!
If I say it
Will it be better
No space for words
I can’t even say it…

I aim for what’s right
Yet it goes wrong
Can’t you see? I’m trying!
Why not even a glance
I try to tell you true
What’s wrong between me and you
Give me an answer/ a sign
Anything will do…

Spider webs surround us
The dust settles
I want us to say
We made it a very long way
But other thoughts
You seem to have
If this is how we’ll be
Be honest with me
If there’s nothing left
Just give me some rest

This is a longer poem that I just wrote for therapeutic reasons so it’s not so much about being the best written piece, but please let me know what you think and share if you like.

via Daily Prompt: Organize


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