[Flash Fiction] Dragon’s Den

We finally found it! Who would have ever thought that that tomb would lead to such an incredible discovery? Licking my lips, every single part of the explorer that I am shouted out in an incredible excitement.

“Professor, where in the world is this?” my assistant asked, his jaw nearly hitting the ground.

“Why, Sam, it is the greatest discovery of a lifetime,” I assured him, reaching my hands out as if deep down I couldn’t believe it until I touched it with my own hands. “Dragons!” I exclaimed wistfully. The great beasts that only came up in legend before now. Only the two of us got to see this incredible sight. I took a step forward, waving Sam along. “Let’s go in closer!”

“Shouldn’t we wait for the others, Professor?”

“Oh, pish posh, they’ll catch back up with us soon enough, plus how can you not see this wonderful creatures and not want to explore further.” The lad clearly did not want to go, but he still slowly followed behind me.

When I came up to the nearest one I could find, it at least towered over me by twice my height. Its scales looked to be tightly fitted, and its eyes gave off a passionate sheen that would match the legends that it could breathe fire. “I wonder if they truly could breathe fire,” I mulled to myself.

“Professor, can we go now?” Sam asked, with a quivering lip. He was glancing from side to side, perhaps expecting that something might be hiding in the foliage around. By the way, isn’t it amazing to find plant life underground like this? “I really don’t think we’re supposed to be here.”

“Are you kidding me, Sam?” I threw my hand aside, signaling towards the dragon that stood a mere few yards away. “Have a little backbone. We’re perhaps the first to ever experience such a wonderful creature.” Just then, I felt something brush up to my hand. It was coarse yet squishy and wet but hot.

Frozen in place, I looked to Sam whose eyes had widened and his mouth open and somehow quivering, making a sound that I’d never heard another person make in my life. He took a few steps back, falling back onto the ground. He then scuttered away.

With nothing left besides me and my own curiosity, I turned to see the magnificent beast staring at me with its nose pushed up against my hand. Before I could think, the beast roared, blasting me with its oozy saliva. I honestly felt like I could drench my clothes and fill up over 20 barrels of the stuff, easily!

The dragon then righted itself. I gawked at its incredible size once more. I felt like I was looking at a skyscraper, it was so tall! Perhaps my sense of wonder and curiosity had overwhelmed my greater senses as I did not fear the beast as much as my (let’s just say) more fearful companion. It then titled its head aside as if curious of what manner of creature stood before it. Perhaps I was to it, as it was to me, a mysterious creature…

I may continue this if people want to read it, but I don’t really know of a fitting place to stop. It felt like this was going to be the easiest stopping point before I started writing a whole lot more so this’ll be where it ends for today. If you want to see more of this specifically, let me know, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

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[Short Fiction] Another Morsel

This is a short fiction that I wrote for today. The prompt word is for “edible,” and I really did not know how to write a poem out of that word easily so I decided to go this route with it. This fiction uses some more basic tropes, but I tried to have a little fun with it, and I hope you enjoy it as well.


Gary sat at the table. This’ll be the first time he gets to taste his new wife’s, Brianna’s, cooking. They just came back from the Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon, and he was licking his lips waiting for the home cooked meal he looked forward to experiencing since they first said “I do.”

Brianna walked in, holding a plate. Her regular smile was turned down.

Gary immediately hopped to his feet and softly asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

She sniffled a bit and exclaimed, “Gary, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” She placed the plate down and stuck her face into his shoulder while a few tears rolled down her face.

What could possibly have caused Brianna to cry like this? Gary placed his hand on her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. “What is wrong?”

Brianna sniffled once again and began to explain worlds of problems that Gary had never imagined before. In fact, in the midst of it, he got completely lost. Eventually, she said, “…And what’s worst of all, I ended up burning dinner.” She grabs the plate and pushes it towards his face, showing the black mess of what kind of food is this?

A small whiff reached that caused his stomach to almost turn flips inside of him. He nearly dry heaved from it but regained his composure before he did. Faking his best smile, he assured her, “Oh, I’m sure it’s not that bad…” grabbing a small piece of it and pulling on it as it stretched in his hand like a piece of wet chewed bubble gum.

Then, sitting at the table with the plate right there in front of him, he grabbed a fork and stared at the massive lump that sat before him. How could this happen? He had her mother’s cooking many times, and it was absolutely wonderful. Did she not learn at all how to cook from her mother? If that were the case, this could be rather interesting. He glanced over to Brianna who seemed to almost be praying that the food would somehow satisfy him. The sight brought a small grin to his face. He could do this! After all, it was only a little burnt after all.

Finally steeling himself, he stuck his fork into the food as a little liquid squirted out and then continued to ooze out of it. He begged his stomach to stop turning, but it felt like it wasn’t going to listen to him. He then took the bite of all bites he had ever taken!
Once he did, his face turned a light shade of green, and his vision began to blur. Without even much of a thought, he ran to the bathroom and did not eat another morsel the whole night.

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[Short Fiction] Responsibilities and Stories

“How are we going to tell him, man?” Calvin asked, as he paced back and forth. Throwing his hands up in the air, he exclaimed disgruntledly, “There’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Exactly! So why are you having such a hissy fit about it? Jon answered as he threw a handful of potato chips into his mouth. He continued with his mouth full, “It’s not like you did anything wrong.”

“His dog died while I was supposed to be watching it. How in the world is that not my fault?” He turned away and threw his face into his hands, letting out a massive groan. He felt like he would’ve ripped his head off if he were just slightly more frustrated. “You!” He turned back to Jon, his finger pointed straight at him. “You must have done something to the dog, didn’t you?”

Jon gave him a blank stare and after a moment started bawling laughing. “What are you talking about?” he asked as his eyes were starting to water. “That made absolutely no sense, and that’s coming from me.” He then grabbed the remote, turned the TV on, and started flipping channels. “Hmm, I wonder what’s on right now.”

“Are you even listening, man?”

“Nope, not interested.”

“Come on, man, you’ve gotta at least help me think of how to explain it to him. You owe me at least that much.” Calvin plopped down on the couch as well, looking to Jon for hopefully some kind of answer.

“I don’t know. Just tell him the dog ran away or something,” he answered, not letting his eyes wander away from the TV. He finally stopped flipping channels and gave a huge grin. “Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Let’s watch this.”

Calvin rolled his eyes. Clearly he was alone for this, but at the very least Jon gave him some idea. What if the dog did run away? After all, that would solve all of his problems. He finally gave in. He at least had a story to give, and that was going to have to be enough for now.



For those who have read this story, please refrain from following the examples of these two men here. Calvin, after telling his friend he was dog sitting for his story, was never heard from again. Not much is known about what happened to him or where his whereabouts might be. Many however believe that it is quite possible that he ran away. As for Jon, well let’s just be honest here, we don’t expect anything will really happen for him except for a possible heart attack as he eats those sweet, crispy potato chips. So crispy and salty that it leaves you hungering for more

*Note: This has been an advertisement for “Brand Brand Potato Chips”

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Legends of Times (Working Title) pt. 3

pt. 1: https://mcblaydes.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/legends-of-times-working-title-pt-1/
pt. 2: https://mcblaydes.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/legends-of-times-working-title-pt-2/

Sorry that I’m a week behind on this part. I would like to say that it was because it was an April Fool’s joke that it didn’t happen last week, but that’s not the case. Hope everyone enjoys the next part of this story. Please share if you enjoy it. Also, please comment on anything that might make it better or even give thoughts.

As she ran, her legs began to burn with exhaustion, and her lungs could hardly hold the breath in them anymore. She soon keeled over, gasping for air as her lungs had hardly any left. Soon enough, she looked around and found herself in an unfamiliar area—It was filled with trees that almost seemed to have faces that were twisted as if they were people seeing their own deaths pass in front of them—How can that be? She had lived on the island her whole life, how could there be a single place she hadn’t discovered already.

Just then, a gale of wind passed by her, sending a chill down her spine. She shuddered and looked towards where the wind had passed through. There was a strange light emanating from that direction, and although she did not hear a voice, it felt like something was called her towards that direction. “Is anyone there?” she called out. No answer. Of course there wasn’t; it was most likely just her mind playing tricks on her. Even though that was the most likely case, she found herself call out again, “Is anyone there?” almost without even a single thought.

A voice answered this time, loud and clamoring. Sadie clasped her ears as hard as she could and screamed, or at least she thought she screamed. The voice was so loud that she could not even hear her own voice anymore. She would’ve sworn that she had fainted at that point as everything seemed to almost fade away even for just a moment.

Regardless though, the voice did eventually pass. Sadie then rose to her feet, her ears ringing, and continued moving toward the light, still feeling the call towards it but too afraid to make another noise in fear that the voice would speak again. When she entered the light, she gasped.

Standing there was a man, his figure small and dainty. His eyes shined like rubies, and his hair was the color of finer gold than any Sadie had seen in her entire life. He also had a slight tuft of hair that flowed down to his brow that took more of a reddish color. When she glanced past him, there standing was a sword that seemed to match the description of the sword in Grandpa’s story. She took a step forward, but the man stood to her and shook his head. He said something in a language unknown to her, but she felt like she got the idea. Apparently, she wasn’t supposed to come closer.

Instead, she sat down, crossing her legs, and met his gaze with hers. She honestly didn’t know what to do next, and it seemed like at the very least this guy knew where they were at. “By the way,” she started, “I really don’t know if you can understand me, but I really need to get back home. Do you know where I’m at, at least, so I can work my way home?”

The man didn’t say anything in response. After all, it was possible he couldn’t even understand her. Instead, he walked over to her and quietly rested his hand on her shoulder. Smoke began to rise from underneath the palm of his hand. Also, it glowed as if the spot was a metal that had just been heated by the furnace. Sadie gasped in shock, but not really in pain as it for some strange reason did not feel like it was burning, though it sure did look like it.

When he raised his hand, she found herself sitting in front of Grandpa’s house, the night surrounding her. Suddenly feeling exhausted, she trudged inside and fell straight into bed. Luckily, the next day was rest day so she could sleep in even if it was only for a little bit.

The morning came sooner than she would have expected. In fact, it felt almost immediately after she had fallen in bed. Even more so, the light wasn’t even coming from outside. What’s going on here? She jumped out of bed, her body spry and full of energy that hadn’t been there a few moments before. Turning her gaze towards the light, she saw a symbol of a bird glowing on her shoulder where the man had set his hand on it. “Did he actually burn me and leave a mark?” the words exploded out of her mouth.

She grasped it, and it felt like the palm of her hand began to burn. In pain, she tried to pull her hand away from her shoulder, but her hand would not let go almost as if it had bonded to her shoulder. In desperation, she continued to try to yank her hand free. She even gritted her teeth as the pain seared through her. Pulling as hard as she could, she eventually got her hand free from its prison. Still, it showed almost no sign of burning though the tingling pain still covered it. There was no burnt skin, maybe just a slightly redder spot; that was it!

Anyway, while the mark stayed, it definitely was no longer giving off any light, and since she had once again grown tired, she went back to bed. The questions she had would have to wait till the morning, but she fully intended to figure them out, some way or somehow. Before long though, her thoughts slowly faded away as she fell into a really deep sleep.

The next morning started just like any other morning. The sun peered into the window, waking Sadie from what seemed like a short night. When she got up, she checked her shoulder. The mark was still there. Welp, guess last night wasn’t a dream after all. She honestly wished it was all a dream, but it seemed like that wasn’t going to be the case.

Legends of Times (Working Title) pt. 2

For those who missed it, here is part 1:

Please give any opinions you might have on this so that I can continue to get better. Pt. 3 should be coming in another week, if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sadie stood there as Bastian waved bye and started working his way back towards the fields to continue helping with the harvest. In these moments, she felt the true darkness of silence. She shrugged her shoulders and continued on her way. “Let’s just get this over with.”

The rest of the day passed very drearily. She basically spent the whole day feeding the animals. Sighing, she wondered if anything would ever happen in this world more than just this dreary day to day. As she passed the town center, a priest from one of the neighboring islands was out on the streets shouting something. Before she noticed, he had worked his way in front of her, saying, “Hello, miss, it’s a beautiful day today.”

She doubled back, holding her hands up, blocking him. “Whoa!” she exclaimed. “Where did you come from all of a sudden?”

“Why, I am just a traveler passing through sharing some news that has graciously reached my ears.” He looked at her with an awkward smile like he never even noticed her surprise; in fact, his eyes were smiling in much the same fashion. “Would you perhaps like to hear it as well?”

In her mind, she groaned. She didn’t really care, but he was probably going to tell her anyway. “Sure! I’ll be happy to hear this news you’re talking about!” she exclaimed with a smile and excitement that immediately fell into the pit of her stomach.

He continued on with that same smile on his face, talking about this or that, she really didn’t care. Good, he didn’t notice! But man, he could talk… So, he continued rambling on about multiple things involving other islands and their towns. After a while, she thought she heard the word “Valeon” sprinkled in and cut him off, “Hey, what did you just say?”

“Why, I was beginning to speak on how the Selection has been faring among the other towns. Most have come up with their—”

“No, before that, something about Valeon!” It was really just a story, but it had been some time since she had heard the place mentioned by someone other than Grandpa that it seemed to take a little more of a life to it.

“Aw yes, this is a special time where the Selection has timed itself with the disappearance of the great island country of Valeon. The records point to the fact that it has been 800 years since the strange fall and disappearance. Many are wondering if this will have some effect on the proceedings.” He stopped talking for a bit and stared at Sadie, maybe he was expecting a response. Before long, he looked out to the now darkening sky, turned back to her with a much more inviting smile, and said softly, “I need to get going, but if you want to hear more I will be in town for a few more days.”

With that, he turned aside and worked his way up the road to what seemed like the mayor’s house. She wondered if maybe he had some business with him. Whatever… it’s not like it’s her place to pry. On the other hand, this might at the very least be a cure for the boredom she’s been feeling the past few days. “It wouldn’t hurt just to take a look,” she said to herself, her curiosity prickling the back of her neck.

She first off walked away a bit until she felt he could no longer see her and started skulking behind him on the edge of the road. Making certain to use the trees and houses along the way to hide herself, she saw the priest knock on the mayor’s door. The mayor came out, they talked for a few moments, and they then both entered the house.

Sadie carefully made her way to the house and peered into one of the windows. They had just made their way into the room. She ducked below the windowsill when they turned towards her. She could feel her heart starting to beat against her chest. Taking a deep breath, she focused towards what they were talking about.

“You can’t possibly expect me to keep this going,” the mayor said, his voice sounding drained.

“Come now, it’s merely a little bit more before we finally reach our goal.”

“My goal is not your goal!”

A moment passed, and the sound of shattered glass blasted against Sadie’s eardrums. What could possibly be going on in there? The priest continued, “I have no need of someone who cannot see the bigger picture here. Time is extremely short, and I cannot have any delays. Do we have an understanding?” Sadie imagined him with that strange smile coming across his face.

“The price is too high! How could I possibly face my people if something were to happen to them?” The mayor’s voice was strained. That’s enough! Her curiosity got the better of her, and she looked through the window to see some blood seeping through a cut above the mayor’s eye. His breathing seemed heavy and his eyes faded.

Turning to the priest, she saw that smile once again though it now felt much heavier, darker in a way. “Very well, unfortunately I only have so much patience.” He snapped his finger and a tall man flung the door open. Sadie turned away, as the mayor began to beg for forgiveness and to be left alone and the sound of a struggle.

Once she couldn’t hear anything anymore, she turned back to see someone’s torso. Looking up, she saw the priest staring down at her. Before she knew what came next, she had already started taking back off towards the road as fast as she could.

Legends of Times (Working Title) pt. 1

This is a story that I decided to start posting as a way to get myself more focused on writing. I hope everyone enjoys it, and I should be posting pt. 2 by end of next week. If anyone has any suggestions for where to take it, please do not hesitate to comment and let me know. This will hopefully be a fun project for both me and my readers.


Hundreds of years ago, there existed an island country by the name of Valeon. It was powerful to say the least, but out of nowhere it somehow disappeared. As the legends speak however, there was a mystical sword that perhaps may have had something to do with its magnificent rise and perhaps even its unexplainable fall. This sword was of a golden hue with a tassle that was tied to its hilt. It is said that the sword could strike down even the souls of its enemies. There is little else–

“Grandpa, are you done yet? I’ve heard this story at least a thousand times,” Sadie groaned.

“But you used to love this story. You’d ask to hear it every single day.”

“Yeah, when I was like five. That was ten years ago! It gets kind of boring after a while.”

Grandpa didn’t respond. He just looked down, smacked his lips a couple times and started walking away almost like he’d lost his whole world.

She sighed. That story was old. How could she not have grown bored of it by now? She’d just give him a little reprieve, but not too much she couldn’t let him get too used to it. “Grandpa, just not right now, ok? I’ll listen to your story later. Now, just isn’t a good time, is all.”

He turned back to her, a little light having returned to his eyes. Still, it wasn’t the same glow that they had just possessed moments before. He nodded and then proceeded to walk into the other room, dragging his feet as he did. It gave her the creeps whenever he’d move around like that. She swore every time he looked like he was half dead or something. It started and has been getting stronger ever since Grandma passed over a year ago or so.

Not only that, the more Sadie thought about it, the more it seemed like he was losing more and more of himself with each passing day. Sometimes, he would forget what he was doing. She even heard him call out to Grandma multiple times during the night. He tried not to show it, but it seemed like there were times when he couldn’t even remember her name.

Shaking her head, she wished those thoughts away. No good would come out of them anyway. Grandpa was just getting older and wasn’t as quick witted as he was before, that’s all. A long exhale later, she finally had calmed down. She returned to her room and dropped into bed, lying there tossing and turning.

After what felt like an eternity, she got out of bed with a groan. Looking out of her window, she stared out at the stars that had sprawled themselves across the sky’s canvas. It felt strange… At times like this, it really did feel like there was something mystical out there somewhere. From memory, she started to recite the story again from about where Grandpa had left off:

“There is little known about what had become of the sword over so many years, but it’s believed that it waits for someone worthy of its power to appear. Perhaps its secret can be found by one whose bravery is unlike any other who will search out the secrets of this island nation…”

“Stupid!” she remarked to herself. It’s not like any of that story was true anyway. Leaning against her wall, she blew up to move a stray strand of hair that had fallen over her eye. There’s really nothing mystical out there anyway; after all, if something like that existed wouldn’t there be more out there than just Grandpa’s words.

The dawn seemed to break faster than Sadie had even expected. Another day where nothing would really happen. With a huff, she left her room and headed out of the house. Grandpa was still asleep, and she thought best not to wake him so headed out towards the fields for work.

The young mothers who were picking up some of the corn that had fallen on the ground each greeted her as she passed. It definitely always seemed like all of them thought of her as a younger sister or daughter as she was the oldest one who had yet to reach the age of adulthood. It was definitely harvest time, but even with new food on the stocks, things felt just a little sour.

“Hey, how’s it goin’?”

That was definitely no stranger calling! She turned to see Bastian standing there with a sickle in his hand and a goofy grin on his face. He wiped the sweat off his brow with his arm.

Sadie answered coyly, “Well, I have to get some things done. Just normal stuff, you know?”

“Well, well, well,” he started, as he took long, slow strides towards her. “I think you might be in need of some of my services then.” He raised his sickle slightly, signaling it.

“Maybe I do… What services are we talking about here?”

“A little bit of this, a little bit of that. You know, normal stuff.”

A moment of silence passed between them, and they started to laugh like crazy. Sadie actually started to feel her sides tighten up as she continued. After just barely catching her breath, she wheezed out, “I can’t believe you! I almost took you seriously there for a second.”

“Well, you know, I have to eventually start getting better.” He cocked his head slightly. “You play your part so well after all. I kinda questioned whether I would be quite as good as you. Next time, I’ll play my part even better than you.”

“Keep dreaming. You’ve never beaten me in anything.”

“What about with the Selec–”

“In things that actually matter. Seriously!” she exclaimed. It’s not like anybody even cares about that anyway.

“Anyway,” Bastian chimed in, “I’ve probably been gone for too long. Probably need to head back. You’re actually helping with the animals today, aren’t you?

“Somebody has to, I guess,” she answered, shrugging her shoulders. “If I don’t, I guess it just won’t be done.”

“Alright, well, see ya later.”

“See ya.”

A new story idea I thought I’d share

I haven’t been on this thing in some time, but I wanted to write something that I kind of had an idea for a while now. I figured I’d just sit down and write it out. This is how the beginning has turned out. I hope you enjoy your time reading it:


The heavy doors of the church opened slowly, as a young cloaked boy, with his hood down, walked into the empty chapel. As he walked forward, he noticed how the shadows clung to the stain-glassed windows, leaving the mind to conjure many phantoms that would threaten their creator.

Many did not make their way to the church nowadays. Even fewer came at such a late hour. The boy stroked his finger across the impressive seats, revealing a thick layer of dust. Hesitantly strolling to the front, he looked over the altar where red blood stains of those who had spoken too freely marred the floor around it.

A lump formed in his chest and anger filled his eyes, but he swallowed it down. He would have his chance, but the time wasn’t right. He bowed his head and lifted his hand with his index and middle fingers extended. A simple prayer, nothing more. He didn’t know if he could believe in any kind of deity, but his actions, engrained by his parents in no small part, clung to him even in these times. This city, its insides ready to implode, was no place to live!

Turning back towards the door, the boy noticed a figure pass by the edge of his gaze. It was perhaps a priest that had returned to pick up something he had forgotten. Regardless, he grasped onto the dagger he held inside his cloak. Even the priests were not beyond trying to steal in order to further endorse the messed up system everyone had been brought into.

Whoever—or whatever—it was disappeared shortly after he noticed its movements. He inched forward, his every sense heightened by the threat of a potential attacker from any direction. The shadows seemed to cling to his form, following his every movement. Not knowing what was real and what was an illusion his mind conjured left him wide open. He knew that! It still didn’t make it any easier to handle. When he had reached the door again, he craned his neck back to see if his potential assailant was anywhere in sight. He wasn’t. As quickly as he could, he grabbed the large ring handle and dragged the door open and slid through the narrow opening he created.

He took a deep breath as he slid down against the door into a sitting position. Somehow in that moment he had forgotten to breathe. His heart beating violently, who knows if that moment could have very well been his last. It’s unfortunate, but that probably wouldn’t be the last time either.

When he had finally regained his composure, he threw his hood over his head and took to the streets that had been darkened by the dusk light, his hand still clasping to his hidden dagger. He had a lot of work to do, and it was going to be a long night.


Peering into the lavishly decorated room, the cloaked boy, his bangs sticking to his forehead, breathed low, trying not to even make a peep. One of the Dargons, Matthias, lay in his bed. He was a bitter old man who would take even a copper coin from a poor mother who had nothing to feed her children though he was one of the richest men in the city. The boy bit the inside of his cheek, even just seeing the man filled him with a blind fury.

Still, many of the Dargons held similar reputations though few compared to Matthias. The boy brandished his dagger, eyeing it with a reverent focus. Turning his eyes back to the aging Dargon, he imagined the taste of justice on his lips. As he watched, Matthias called out, possibly to a servant, “Drake, where is my medicine?”

That’s strange. The boy never knew that anyone ever lived or served the man. He peered closer, his interest rising as the man stood to his feet and looked towards the hallway door, to the side further next to the closet, where the boy had set himself in. The aged man spoke again, “Aw, there you are, Drake. How have the children been doing?”

Matthias swiped a match across the table beside him and lit a cigar that he pulled from his pocket. When the cigar touched his lips, he wheezed and coughed violently. The boy expected some kind of response from the unseen fellow, but he heard no voice other than that of Matthias’s.

Again, the boy peered closer. He still couldn’t see the unseen person though he could already start to see the doorframe that had led to the hall. Either this was an extremely skinny person, or there was no one there at all. Though it seemed very peculiar, the latter seemed more likely as many nobles, including the Dargons, and their servants were very well-fed. Just one look at Matthias’s potbelly would make you believe that any of the nobles stuffed their faces morning, noon, and night, while many families sat in their houses with barely a crumb to eat.

Heat rose once again to the boy’s cheeks, but he stayed himself. There was something strange here that warranted waiting. He turned back to the man, his eyes, though very cloudy normally, seemed as if they were looking into another place entirely. The man also appeared to be in a cold sweat and he clasped tightly to his heart.

He answered an unheard response, “I see, so they are doing quite well then. That’s—” Matthias gasped, his breathing grew sporadic. “How could you do this?” he whispered just loud enough to be heard, and he hunkered over and fell to the ground.

The boy’s eyes widened. It seemed that his target had been taken out by some invisible assailant. He gingerly opened the closet door and glanced over the room. Not a soul was there. Dragging his feet to Matthias, he dropped down beside him and checked the man’s pulse. Nothing. He drew his hand back swiftly. The body had already lost all its heat as if it had already been dead for some time.

He stood up. Something weird was going on, but he had little time to think on them. It’d be best to leave before anyone came and happened to find him along with the body. He brushed his hand across his hair. At some point, his hood had fallen from its place. He returned it to its place and left with all the strength he could muster.