[Poetry] Plea to the Despondent

You need to hear this
If not from me, then someone
But you won’t, will you?
You’ll do what you want to do
Run off where you wish
You’ll go down the list
Of things that’ll hurt you
I know where this leads
The problems it feeds
Don’t take that road
I sure did.

via Daily Prompt: Disobey


[Poetry] A Peculiar Fellow

A strange man
Slave rules his house
And he, not even a mouse
He avoids pain
Nothing he gains
Leaves nothing for his child
The child is wild
And soon to be exiled
No extra shoes
Just rotted food
He owes every man
Yet pays none back
Feel sorry for this man
He understands not where he stands
Nor that he’ll soon fall.

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar

[Poetry] Challenges

On the seaboard
Looking out to the waves
On the mighty ship
Of adventure/ we board.
Oh what a song of ecstasy
We’ll hear along the sea
Of the siren’s song and dance.
The kraken greets
From many men’s defeats
As we pass their watery grave.
We’ll search for treasure
A captain’s booty/ our pleasure
We know not what we’ll find
But find it, we shall.

via Daily Prompt: Overcome

[Poetry] This Finite Space

A couple chairs
A table
Where ideas are able
To race
To excite
In this finite space
Paper and pen
Will wonders never end
I stand on the precipice
Of wonders yet to behold
My very word/ evidence
Of battles told
Word gives it life
And from ashes arise
I will tell it
I won’t let it end
Before it even begins
Me it will send
As an emissary again.

This is a poem that goes the idea of creating new worlds whenever you’re writing. I kind of wanted to share that at the end and see if it would change how you read it. Please comment and let me know.

This is also part of a personal challenge to write and publish something new everyday for this month. If you want to see more, please follow or let me know if there’s any ideas that you think would be fun to try. You can also check out other writings and tell me what you think

via Daily Prompt: Finite

[Poetry] Once More

A child reaching
For a hand
It can hold.
I see myself there
In its tiny grasp
Even behind this mask
I’ve worn all my life.
Seeking to be understood
I instead was misunderstood
It isn’t right!
Doesn’t make no difference
I’ve had to fight
All of my life
Just for a morsel.
Still, I’ll stand once more
For others wait past that door
This man I’ve been, sealed
In honest anticipation
I’ll change from my core!

This is part of a challenge to write something new everyday for the month. I hope you really enjoy this new poem. If you do and want to see more, please follow and comment.

via Daily Prompt: Anticipate

[Poetry] Mastery

You’ve got to elevate
Before you can accelerate
To strive for a goal
Don’t fall to any foe
This road difficult to navigate
False signs litter the road
To reach for the gold
You’ve got to be strong
You have to be steady
Cause this path is long
It’s yourself, you have to ready
On this path, meditate
What you want to accomplish
You have that diamond
It just need to be polished

This is part of a challenge to write and publish something everyday for this month. I hope you really enjoy it, and if you want to see what else will come out this month, please follow me or comment as well. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

via Daily Prompt: Elevate

[Poetry] Master and Student

Hands to the iron
Cling and clang
Young watches Master work
Sweat on his brow
And a beard grown
Little too far in
One of burliest men.
Student watches
His master’s craft
As he leaves lessons
Passed to his student down
Of many mistakes he found
The student may make them too
Master wish he wouldn’t do
He gives a quirky smile
Reaches his hand around
Student’s shoulder bound
“He’ll do alright”
Master tells him
As the sun sets
On a day learned

This is part of a personal challenge to write and publish something everyday this month. I hope you enjoy it. I didn’t have much time today to work on this, but I hope you enjoy it. Please comment/follow if you want to see more that’ll be coming out this month. Hope you have a wonderful day

via Daily Prompt: Educate