[Poetry] Voices Rise to His Glory

Let our voices ring
A wonderful song we’ll sing
As we join the heavenly choir
In a land, we’ll never tire.
We’ll raise our voices higher
To bring glory to His name
He took away our shame
Through the raging fire.
Gifts we will bring
To our Savior and King
For he is worthy
He holds all the glory.

Is it bad when you want to write more after you already finish something? Not really. Still, I had a few lines left over from my previous poem today, “To God be the Glory”, and wanted to use them so I reworked them a bit and wrote a new poem with them. Hope you enjoy and if you want to see more, follow and comment telling me what you’d like to see more of.

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[Poetry] To God be the Glory

To God be the glory
Come now and see,
The greatness of love
He gave for you and me.
He sent his Son
Down from above
To save us from sin,
And the mess that we’re in.
To him, we give all the praise
And our hands, we will raise.
Let the heavens hear our voice
In his glorious name
We will rejoice.

This is a poem based off the hymn “To God be the Glory.” It felt like it worked with the word “Glorious,” so I thought I’d use it. I tried to keep it with having a musical flare to it, so I hope you really enjoy it. Also, this is part of a personal challenge to write and publish something new everyday this month. If you like this and want to see more, please follow or comment and let me know how I can do better.

via Daily Prompt: Glorious