[Poetry] Unwanted Guest

Get away
Go away
Don’t come any day!
Little spider
Hanging on the wall
Why don’t you just fall?
I’m tired of seeing you
Don’t come near me again
I’ll knock your home off my walls,
If you never came at all
I’d never have to yell.
Leave me, leave me be
Can’t you tell
You’re not good for me
Free me, free me please
Of yourself, a dastardly disease,
I’d never have to cry
I’d never clamor
Just leave hither
Won’t you please
Just give me peace
And run away
With your babies please.
I’ll give you today
I can’t stand you further
Your presence I cannot weather
Tell me, tell me so
That you’ll leave me, my foe.
IF so, I’ll wish you well
I’ll see you off
Be someone else’s guest
And not be such a pest.

via Daily Prompt: Pest